5.1.2. atmos/amp/speaker set up / install question....help/advice

Posted 19th Apr 2018
hi guys

i hope you can help - i went to richer sound and they sent one of their guys who quoted around 600£ for the install (this is running wires discreetly / hidden)

2 speakers wall mounted (front)
2 speakers wall mounted (rear)
2 atmos speakers in ceiling... (runing cable through ceiling to wall)

are there an alternative people i could find to do this cheaper? (it would involve cutting ceiling, walls, refilling etc)

i have been given a quote for:

Sony 1080 & Mass 5.1
Monitor Audio's Core C265



pioneer vs933
monitor c265 ceiling speakers
wharfdale dx2


there maybe other bits includes, but these are main bulk items...

what would you guys advise?
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Have you had a look over on avforums? A lot of knowledgeable people on there & also a section for installers.
Have you tried the website ratedpeople.com? I’m sure you’ll get the best quotes on there. Hope this helps.
Installing cables and speakers can be really time consuming. I just installed 4 ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos. We had to lift a lot of floorboards in the room above the lounge, cut the plaster board, drill through joists and install intumescent fire and acoustic hoods over each speaker. It took 2 days in total.

I use a local handyman to help me. He works really quickly and only charged £12/hour. Professional installers will charge much more although they’ll hopefully do the entire job for you. Don’t underestimate the effort though. £600 doesn’t sound unreasonable for professional installers if that includes chasing walls and refilling with plaster as well as ceiling installation.
A self employed builder/plasterer might be another good option if you are happy to do the planning and explain exactly what they need to do.
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