53 plate Vauxhall Vectra replacement windscreen cost

    Hi all,

    My father in law needs a replacement windscreen for his car and the trouble is 1) he is retired so unable to afford the £800 quoted by Vauxhall and 2) is reluctant to shop around for a windscreen from a 3rd party due to not knowing what to do.

    Can anyone recommend, in Birmingham if possible, a good company who will replace the front windscreen for up to a max of £200 (or certainly less than £800)? Otherwise he may claim on his insurance, which he is about to renew and I'm not sure if that will affect his no claims?

    I've used Google but there are so many companies it's a nightmare to pick one out that looks trustworthy/reliable.



    why not go thru your insurance - it's not classed as a claim

    Have a look at this thread

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    why not go thru your insurance - it's not classed as a claim

    I think he will but I wasn't sure if there would be a problem doing that on a new policy or if it would affect his NCD.

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    Have a look at this thread


    Ring your insurance company and ask then get it in writing -if it's not covered get a second hand one from a local scrap yard and most mechanics / body repair shops can fit it for you for around £20

    If he has windscreen cover on his insurance then it won't affect his no claims discount with most insurers. He'll need to pay the excess which is £75. If he doesn't have cover, go to Autoglass or similar who will charge much less than quote you have.

    Watch his next years premiums rise though.

    £800 from Vauxhall? That's a lot of dough!!!

    I'd have thought about £250-300 from a windscreen company. Try Yellow pages for quotes. A local independent is probably your best bet though.

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    thanks all. I have told him what to do so up to him now
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