5300 phone unlock

    any one know if this is a good phone and if you can unlock it easily? thanks fizzie x


    Used to be good but it's a little outdated now. Don't think you can unlock it for free at the moment.


    Take it down to a local mobile store one of those small ones that you dont trust they would unlock it for a really good price

    also type into google "GSM Forums" and use there froums as there all professionals in this stuff

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    Thanks Guys, not too bothered about having latest phone type thing, just like nokias and have the 6280 at moment and love the big screen, picture quality, the fact you can add music and take a memory card, just looking for an up grade for hubby who has a 6310i (5 years old) thanks again xxxxxxxxxx

    Hi, all... just to ask..;) it possible to unlock nokia 5300?


    Has anyone had any updates on this, are they going to send to phones or … Has anyone had any updates on this, are they going to send to phones or iare they going to refund? Im hacked of as I used a credit card for this order, and now have been charged interest.

    wrong thread?

    Yep, just deleted.
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