5400rpm vs 7200rpm laptop hard drives

    I've 2 sata 2.5" hard drives which I can install in my laptop. One is 250GB 5400 rpm and the other is 160GB 7200rpm.

    Is it worth installing the faster drive for the performace improvement or is the difference negligible? Anyone know what the performance index would show on vista/windows 7 for the 2 drives?


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    Perfomance index score verys massively between drives of the same speed.

    Yes, I guess so. I'll load up win 7 on both and check myself thanks

    Install the larger drive, you wont really notice the speed differences but you'll soon use up that space!

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    the 7200rpm came up as 5.3, the 5400rpm came up as 5.2.

    Think I'll just use the bigger one with the slower speed
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