57% of people in Icelandic survey believe Elves either possibly, Likely or certainly exist

Posted 15th May 2015


The data of the Human Values Survey reveal that nationality is an important factor when it comes to having or reporting psychic experiences. Now we find that this factor is quite stable. We have no comparative new data from the other Nordic countries but also no obvious reason to assume that much if anything has changed there. Hence Icelanders are likely to differ as much as before from their historically and culturally closest nations, the Danes and the Norwegians, and in fact from most Western European nations.

What has made the Icelanders different? Some have suggested the isolation of the country, but this has been reduced a lot over recent decades. Others have cited the small population in a relatively vast country (only 3 persons per square kilometre), and closeness to the raw forces of nature. An American sociologist (Tomasson, 1980) points out that Iceland was the first new society to come out of old Europe, with the settlement of America being the second.
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