Found 28th Jul 2007
ebay 290142276794
WTF is that all about? LOL

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ebay 290142276794WTF is that all about? LOL

Just tried to have a look, but nothing's coming up for that for me.

Wrong item no ?


Wrong item no ?

Either that or it's been removed. Personally I don't see how anyone would ever pay that much though :w00t:

Original Poster

Maybe it got deleted. But there were bids from £400 upwards. Madness.
Maybe spoiling tactics because the opening price was too high maybe?

spoiling tactics becuase its £5.95 2nd class postage more like

Can`t understand the 8 bidders!:thinking:

Hijacked accounts? Spoiled bids? Could be just newbies being fools. There are LOADS of auctions like this on ebay. I for one, always keep an eye out on the qtek 9000 (o2 xda) auctions, in case i wanna sell mine when my 3 contract expires, and i've seen them go for £1,000's.
Ebay is madness

Original Poster

On ebay, some people just refuse to lose an auction. People with an addictive personality that will not be beat by anyone. I do a few 99p auctions because you never know how many will get caught up in bidding fever.
But £574? And why on earth was it deleted so soon after the auction closed? Surely the seller wouldn't just assume that the buyer wouldn't pay, and surely eBay wouldn't action such a request so quickly. It's a strange one.

It *might* have been deleted cos:
a) The *winner* was a newly registered scam artist
b) The *winner* might have had their account stolen.

I've seen this before, hence why i said it above :thumbsup:
It's happened to me when my account got hijacked :-(

It'l be scammers.

My mate stuck a phone up a while ago, and it just ended up hijacked accounts bidding on it for ridiculous maximum bids.
Was a £200 phone, and was treble that at least on the 3 or 4 times he put it up.

Thats Y I Dont Use Ebay Is So Poooo


I bet its someone who has entered their max bid at say £1000, so they definately win but didnt actually expect the auction to reach that amount, and some silly sod as been bidding up to £500 to make the person who bid £1000 pay too much for something not worth that much.


It'll be as HaggisHunter say's and Scammers. Look through the completed auctions and you'll find dozens every day.
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