Posted 2nd Dec 2022
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    Innocent, dont be so innocent . We all know Mobile networks will swear on their grandma's deathbed that their 5G is the next best thing after Mama's milk.

    And OFCOM (The toothless tiger) gives them its blessings hand over fist.

    Till the ripoff culture in GB doesnt get resolved with regulation, this will continue unabated.

    And this applies to most industries/service providers. Why should they invest more than the absolute bare minimum , if they can get away with it without inviting the attention of so called regulators ? Yesterdays report informed that 70% of our water industries are foreign owned (and price have been going upwards only, ever since), yet they brazenly pollute our rivers/streams, beaches.

    WItness the Water, Electricity, Gas, Train Cos, et al. They are all into gouging.
    "Innocent, dont be so innocent" I like it buddy and I take heed. Time to change the username, I think
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    maybe I will just get myself a 4g android (maybe iPhone)..

    and should a glitch price 5g come up, get it for future use
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    Completely agree - I got a 5G mobile pretty much as 5G was launched and the speeds were incredibly (I was getting between 200-400mb download) however nowadays my signal sucks and even with a full strength 5G signal I struggle with certain content and speed test can show I sometimes am down to less than 5mb download ….
    What you say seems to be absolutely true especially when you are out and about. The other reason I had posted the discussion was people's thinking of preferring buying 5G phones for future proofing (I include myself in that category) when there are so many capable 4G phones available on the market.
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    5G ( when it works ) on a mobile is overkill imo. Maybe it could be useful in homes for home broadband but 4G is more than adequate.
    I am using Three 5G home broadband and it usually hit over 100 Mpbs.
    It was only 30 Mpbs when I used to have 4G router which is not fast enough
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    The big problem with 5G is that it's largely unnecessary.

    3G to 4G was necessary, since people's consumption of data had increased to the point where 3G alone couldn't cope with the speeds necessary to operate correctly.

    When they started trying to sell off the 5G signal range, there was no immediate need for it, so they shot for the sky when it came to performance claims in an attempt to convince people to invest. Who cared when Kevin Bacon showed that you could control a robot to perform surgery over a mobile phone due to the improved latency of the connection?

    The advertised speeds are possible under the 5G standard, but it required the millimetre band to get the best performance from it, and that won't be available to the mainstream for ages.
    The big problem with 5G is that it's largely unnecessary.

    This comment goes to show exactly how much you know about the subject.

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    Have a 5g phone and when I do get 5g signal its stupidly quick. I suffer occasionally with laggy 4g but never 5g. I can get over 500mbps in Plymouth on Voda.
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    I bought a 5g phone and never get 5g signal, but the battery life is still terrible...
    My android phone allow me set preferred network type to 4G, which should save battery life. (edited)
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    I’d totally agree with this and I’m now about to ditch Vodafone as my mobile holds on to a really crappy 1 bar 5g signal that is unusable rather than dropping back to 4g

    hoping other networks are better as I’d not had issues with Voda until 5g came along 
    Turn off 5g then
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    In my house I get 180mbps which is ok-ish on Three with a 5g mast not very far away. It’s just a shame that Three 5g is useless anywhere else I want to use it.
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    I always have 5g turned off as it drains your battery
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