Posted 7th Mar 2023 (Posted 7 h, 23 m ago)
Can anyone recommend a good 5G router, preferably with wifi 6 and can handle 15+ devices at once.
My current router seams to crash out when there is more than 12 devices connected
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    Can't help wondering if Hz has been omitted, though maybe not.
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    Any of the Asus routers should be able to cope with that amount of devices and more. Just make sure you get the correct one for your ISP. I use an Asus AC86U with Virgin Media equipment (modem only mode). Great Wi-Fi coverage and ultra stable connections. It broadcast 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels separately which is more than sufficient for my needs. I think the AX86U is WiFi 6 but normally double the price and most of my devices aren't Wifi 6 compatible.
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    5G router is expensive.
    Could you use bridge mode and connect to WiFi 6 router or mesh?
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    Have actually been considering that too
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