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Found 7th Sep 2008
finally made a desision on which draught beer dispenser to get for my fiancee for chritmas, chose agianst the carlsberge draughtmaster as means can ONLY have carlsberg and also have to get special kegs, so may be difficult to get hold off if these become less popular whereas always be able to get the 5litre ordinary kegs.

so anyways, im wonderimg if anyone knows of a site that sells 5litre kegs cheap, not minding which beers, though needs to be lager not bitter. i want to start getting differnet beers now, named beers i.e. heineken, carlsberg, carling etc. be cool, but some foreign beers he's not changed be cool too.

if possible like to get for under tenner each or there abouts.

thanks for any help
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If you can find a 5 litre keg of any kind of beer for under a tenner, then buy them all because you can drink them whilst watching the Blue moon rise...
i know that bout 6months ago morrisons had heineken for 8.99, i see them but was planning to buy the carlsberg draught master back then so didnt get. so it cant be a ridiculus request. surely??

even heineken at full price is 13.98 at morrisons. im just trying to get the best deals as i have so much time to keep look out. but thought others may already know.
Bargin Booze have 5L Heineken kegs for £11.99
so what dispencer did you get? can you send a link?

You can get some Pills for under a tenner in Aldi
cool. oredering it tommorrow but its called a bier maxx.
very cool prezzie, can you be my girlfriend? lol
well, he barely ever goes out these days and he has stopped drinking with me when im pregnant so he deserves it. was gonna get the carlsberg draughtmaster but figure he has more variety this way and i saved least 20pounds, so i can get him an extra keg. ive been saving out of my housekeeping money for it.
Heineken 5 litre kegs are currently £10 at Tesco,

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