5m HDMI cable

Found 6th Dec 2008
Just ordered a home cinema system, i now need a 5m HDMI cable. Where is the cheapest place to get one.

Thanks in advance.
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Qed Qunex HDMI-SR Reference Cable 5m from £24.99 +£5.95 P&P not the cheapesh but one the best cables you can buy RRP over £100
Try tait components in Glasgow
got ours on ebay, gold ends, £4.49 incl P+P , its fine

£5.96 +p&p
5M long and made by plexus, I have one of these myself for about 18 months approx and have never had any probs with it (connects my HDTV to my PC). I also have a 3M and a 1M for other HDMI connections like my PS3 and DVD player.
Try this one:


All depends on how much you want to spend
When a small range of HDMI cables were tested by technicians on channel Five's The Gadget Show earlier in the year, they found that a cheap cable will give you exactly the same results as an expensive one. Therefore, don't be fooled into thinking that buying an expensive cable will give you better results- it's not true.

I used to think a £100 would be a lot better than a £5 one but was obviously proved wrong. This advice has come in handy since I just bought a new series 6 Samsung LCD TV and am currently looking to buy a couple of HDMI cables myself!
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