5p-10p off petrol..worth a go?

    This subject was on the good old 5oclcok show last week, and is backed by the money expert (martin lewis i think)

    there may be a card coming out within the next few months that gives yous 5p-10p off petrol/diesel

    I have signed up hoping to get money off!!

    What are your thought on this ?

    website link

    also if you want to know wot the cheepest pertol/diesel is in you area go to
    which is very handy



    My personal thoughts are that if it works, great, if not, what have I lost?

    If you sign up, you'll get no spam, so it's a no lose situation really.

    Yep!! You could call it a "Win or nothing ever happens" situation. If it works then you're QuidsIn!

    Original Poster

    Thats my opinion about it 2, thats why i wanted to share this info with you guys (after all i help i get im glad to give something back, it might not be much now but if it comes off !)

    also i wanted people to sign up cos it says the more sign up the more likley its gonna happen

    hope it works

    whats there to loose? nothing! whats there to gain? possibly £££££ over the year! cheers in advance! the only thing that may go wrong is if it gives us 5p a litre off of one of the most expensive ones, so we dont actually really get the petrol cheaper...

    I personally do not believe that ANY discount will be obtained. Petrol stations and suppliers are operating on such tiny margins that even taking 1p off it could lead to dire (for them of course!) consequences. Supermarkets (Tesco, for example) are able to sell petrol at 5p off just because they recover their loss from selling non-petrol stuff.

    Unless government is going to change its attitude towards "motorists" or, to put it a bit differently - electorate, nothing will happen. And I don't think such a change will occur as there are too many loud pressure groups around, starting from (obvious) environmentalists and ending with "social equalizers". These groups are acting (unfortunately for them!) as an excuse for the government to keep fuel taxation at artificially high level.

    I signed for Pipeline card (using fake name and spamtrap email address, of course) as I want to see how things are developing. But I remain very sceptical about it.

    BTW, should I send this to The Morning Star?

    I agree with Kommunist on this one. I think the smaller out of town petrol stations could be driven "ahem" out of business anyway, as the big supermarkets monopolise on their customer base to keep their prices lower.

    You might just as well send it to The Red Planet :roll: Kommunist!


    I think if enough people sign up, then a discount may be forthcoming.

    BUT...that discount will, I believe, only be available at select retailers, i.e. the small independent retailers, who will be offering the discount because of the increased turnover.

    The problem is that most of these small independent retailers are currently charging well over 5p-10p per litre more than the supermarkets. The supermarkets already include the discount in their prices because of their huge buying power & turnover of fuel. There comes a limit at what price the wholesalers will supply fuel, and the supermarkets are already at that limit.

    This idea will not create any extra business overall, so no overall volume reduction could be anticipated from the suppliers - all it can do is shift the market from one retailer to another. i.e. from the supermarkets or the large suppliers (e.g. BP, Esso, etc) to the independents.

    Those with a card will get a discount on the higher prices from the independents, but whether that discount will bring down the price to that already available at the supermarkets is another question.

    The possible downside could be that the supermarkets lose 1/2 million customers at their garages, since some of their current customers have signed up to the card and so transfer their business to the independents to obtain a discount, resulting in a lower t/o for the supermarkets and hence a higher price for all of us.

    Remember that quantity will not be the only factor affecting the price that the forecourts have to pay for their fuel (which obviously affects the price we have to pay) - it also will be affected by the skills of the buyers and the supermarkets are renowned as having some of the toughest buyers out there.

    Unless it's just one chain (e.g. BP) which believes it can put all competitiors out of business by offering cheap rates to pipeline people, then raising it's prices afterwards...

    I believe it would work like a fuelcard scheme. Thats what it sounds like, which would mean the actual retailer wouldn't lose out at all. The discount gets added centrally from the card provider.

    Forecourts don't make hardly anything on the fuel, I made about 0.6p a litre when I ran a petrol station, tiny amounts. But if you look hard enough, you can find branded fuels at supermarket prices. On my drive home, I pass 2 BP's, a Texaco and a Sainsburys. The Texaco is always the same as Sainsburys, always.

    And its not the buying power that makes supermarket fuels so cheap, they don't add the extra additives in that help keep your fuel system clean. So, if you would like your car to maybe last a bit longer, stick branded fuel in.

    I do hope it's with a large company such as Shell, BP, Esso, Texaco or Total and not a smaller one such as Jet or Murco. Nothing wrong with the fuels at all, just very few of them about.

    Dear Pipeline Card Member,

    This has been a very exciting couple of week for Pipeline. I did my first ever TV interview - and it went out on ITN news at 6.30 and 10.30. They also showed details of a scheme that is already up and running in Holland offering discounts of around 6 cents a litre. Check out our media page for a link to the story if you missed it and, if you've got broadband, you can watch the actual film footage.

    Membership numbers have now increased to over 180,000 and the number of websites and forums linking to Pipeline is over 3000! This is incredible - and it's all down to our members.

    Many of you have written in and asked why it is taking such a long time to get the cards issued. I share your impatience; we all want to get this off the ground but nothing like this has ever been done in the UK and it takes time to sort everything out. We are working hard to get the best deal we can for our members but, as we have said all along, it will be April or even May before we are ready to launch. We would like to be able to give you more details about where the Pipeline Card can be used and how it will work but until that has all been agreed and contracted you will just have to bear with us. It will be worth it!

    Lots of you have asked if we could produce some banners and buttons so you can link to Pipeline Card from your websites. We have now set up a page on the site and you can download them from [url][/url]. We have also included a downloadable poster for those places the internet can't reach! Thanks again to everybody who has written in offering support. It all helps us to reach more people and improve our purchasing power. Keep spreading the word - we still want more people to register. The more we have at this stage, the better.

    Finally, on the subject of purchasing, we have had dozens of approaches from companies offering special deals on various goods and services. Most of these have been wholly unrelated to Pipeline and its aims so we have politely declined to feature them on the site. More recently though, we have identified some organisations that seem to offer us genuine savings on motoring-related services. As you know, our strict Privacy Policy prohibits us from passing on your personal data to these organisations but we may consider featuring some of them on the website at some stage if they are good enough.

    That's it for now. Don't forget that you can recommend Pipeline by using [url][/url] And you can unsubscribe as a member at any time by sending a blank email to [email protected].

    Best wishes

    Ben Scammell - Pipeline Card Founder

    Original Poster

    i also got the above email


    I was under impression that no supermarket is getting "its own recipe" of fuel. In fact, friend of mine, who works for BP, said that supermarkets and BP stations are getting exactly the same fuel. IMHO, supermarkets can afford to lose money on fuel as they would gain it back from selling their own stuff, using fuel as a method to attract more public.


    You might just as well send it to The Red Planet Kommunist!

    Never heard of such newspaper! What is that - a Pro-war coalition paper or "call for world revolution" sort of thing?

    The Morning Star. It's "the daily paper of the left" as they say. A good way to put smile on The Guardian or Independent reader's face


    Dear Pipeline Card Member,Blah..... Blah...........Best wishesBen … Dear Pipeline Card Member,Blah..... Blah...........Best wishesBen Scammell - Pipeline Card Founder

    Great name!!

    I'm not sugesting this is a Scam at all BTW, I just think his name is funny. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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    Merged to original thread

    Save money on petrol & diesel with a free Pipeline Card!

    You may wish to check out this website for further details, here is the link:

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    Anybody else know anything more about this pipeline project?

    They are still working on it mate. Get your name on there if you haven't guys - there is nothing to lose!!

    London... they'll send you email updates every now and again.

    If any of you live in Halesowen area of the Black Country there is a guy next to a taxi base whish sells converted diesel at 66p a litre, absolute bargain, he makes his money by selling to the taxi base but he sells to anyone. He was mentioned in Midlands Today news programme last year, completely legitimate. Downside is the diesel could be unhealthy for your engine in the long run and in cold mornings. I own a Vectra TDI, not as quick with that diesel in than diesel from BP etc.

    Never heard of converted diesel. Do you have the address? halesowen is fairly large. Might go and check it out.

    Your asking me for directions!? i'm crap when it comes to that, but i do know, as you go up the hill towards college from Dudley Road traffic lights junction, its the first right as you go up the hill. Did that help? probably not. It's in the middle of an industria estate, loads of them in the Black Country :P

    ha ha ha... just a coincidence

    Wow What a great offer! Thanks! :evil:

    "Fed up paying ridiculous petrol prices? Save money with a free … "Fed up paying ridiculous petrol prices? Save money with a free Pipeline Card!All those involved in the oil business are getting their cut from the inflated prices we're paying on the forecourts - the oil-well owners, refineries, filling stations. On top of that, the government siphons off nearly 70p per litre in tax.These organisations behave as if petrol and diesel were luxury goods, and driving was a hobby. It is not. We are not 'motorists' as we have been branded. We are teachers, nurses, professional and business people, parents. We drive because we have to.Strength in numbersThere are nearly 32 million of us in the UK. If a large number of us band together and choose to give our custom to one major forecourt chain, we could negotiate a substantial discount for ourselves. Pipeline Card has been established to achieve just that and we are well on our way to success.Our targetWe have already secured an agreement in principle from a major UK fuel retailer to provide a discount to our members. We need you - and your friends and your work colleagues - to join with us in order to win a substantial reduction in forecourt prices across the whole country.Act now!It costs absolutely nothing to join, but by joining Pipeline Card today you strengthen our clout as well as making yourself eligible to buy fuel at a discount. By telling other drivers about this website you can make that happen sooner - and do them a favour into the bargain.

    Taken from the site!!!

    Should be merged with other Pipeline links. Admin can you do this please?

    I applied for one of these free pipeline cards a year ago...still nothing...It seems whilst this is a great idea, i don't think they have all the resources in place yet...Can't see this being off the ground for a little while yet..

    They plan to start this sometime in summer


    The whole thing is a load of rubbish... all explained below.

    However, most of Shell's profits comes from finding and extracting oil, and then selling it on to the markets - where the price is very high at present due to a number of factors, including demand, political instability and acts of nature.

    Very little profit comes from forecourt sales of fuel - which in the UK attracts among the highest taxes in Europe.

    Oil companies cannot set the world oil price, which is set on the world markets

    Ruth Bridger, AA

    Nick Vandervell, of the UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA), said: "Before tax, fuel prices in the UK are among the cheapest in Europe."

    And AA Motoring Trust petrol price analyst Ruth Bridger added: "We are not being ripped off at the pumps.

    "Oil companies cannot set the world oil price, which is set on the world markets."

    We focus on delivery now and building the future

    Shell chief executive Jeroen van der Veer

    Shell makes record UK profits

    In the UK fuel duty is set at 47.1p for every litre of unleaded petrol and diesel while VAT is a further 17.5%.

    Of the 90p a litre that the motorist pays, therefore, the Treasury receives 60.5p or 67%, and it costs the garage 23.2p to buy the petrol.

    That leaves a margin of just 6.3p, or 7% of the litre price, for the forecourt, which also has to meet the cost of running the petrol station.

    According to the AA, if a garage makes as much as a 2p profit out of a litre of petrol, "that is a lot".

    Supermarket challenge

    The purchasing power of supermarkets - which control 10% of petrol stations but sell 30% of fuel - has stopped petrol prices rising even further, says the AA.

    As they have kept prices low other outlets have been forced to follow their lead.

    Supermarket buying power is keeping prices down says the AA

    However, fuel price website says that Shell, rather than any of the supermarkets, had the most competitively priced fuel in the quarter year from October to December.

    Its research showed that Shell had 26 of the cheapest 100 forecourts in the UK, followed by Asda with 24 and Tesco with 21.

    However, the Transport and General Workers Union has said Shell's records profits only serve to reinforce calls for a windfall tax.

    "Shell have reaped the benefit of their own windfall through rising oil prices," said T&G General Secretary Tony Woodley.

    "It is high time the government acted decisively and brought in a proper windfall tax. Part of this windfall should be handed back to the public through a one-off tax to help ease the pensions crisis facing thousands of workers."
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