6 foot length single bed

    hiya im quite new to all this but, i've seen what you guys can do so.......:oops:

    i'm looking for a single bed for my sons tiny weeny room it has to be shorter than 6 feet ( 72" 183cm) and cheeeeeeeeep, :thumbsup:

    thanks in advance i know y'all can do this :w00t:


    I regularly see such requests on FreeCycle so it may be worth while for you to register there. People often offer them too...

    Just a word of advice; buy a new matress ;-)


    The worldwide Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups … The worldwide Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Freecycle groups match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them. Our goal is to keep usable items out of landfills. By using what we already have on this earth, we reduce consumerism, manufacture fewer goods, and lessen the impact on the earth. Another benefit of using Freecycle is that it encourages us to get rid of junk that we no longer need and promote community involvement in the process. How does Freecycle work? Everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. When you want to OFFER something - whether it's a chair, fax machine, piano or an old door, simply send an email to your group. Maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself? Post a WANTED message and a group member may just have what you're looking for. Alert the group with a follow-up RECEIVED email. After that it is up to the giver to decide who receives the gift from the responses only they receive and to set up a collection time, and finally post an item TAKEN message.

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    [COLOR="Magenta"]ooo cheers ears i'm into recycling i'll go check it out[/COLOR] :thumbsup:

    I'm with Greenwich and Lambeth Freecyclers so worth checking out.

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    just signed up with croydon one and now have 8 new emails from them lol

    If you post an offer, you can also post a request ;-)
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