6 inch or bigger mobile phone ?

Found 9th Oct 2014
looking for a good 6 inch or bigger mobile phone ?at least with Hd display.
Any os is fine ,nokia 1520 , Sony z ultra , any other options or cheaper ?
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need a man bag to carry it around..
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(_;) I want it for reading and watching films.

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So you want a phablet.
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So you want a phablet.

Yes ,a phablet
Note 4 bruv 5.7 comes out tomorrow
Got a 8 inch mediapad M1 which can be used as a phone if you really want big.........
Nexus 6 may be near that screen size so if I was you I'd wait about a month and pick that up
you can pick up the Z Ultra pretty cheap brand new now. I would go with that
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Note 4 bruv 5.7 comes out tomorrow

I like it but Honestly it is a bit pricey .about £500

I like it but Honestly it is a bit pricey .about £500

They dont hold value so just wait 1 month around 380
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Ultra z , lg g pro 2 .. Lumia 1520 .. htc one max .. note 3




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Got a 8 inch mediapad M1 which can be used as a phone if you really want … Got a 8 inch mediapad M1 which can be used as a phone if you really want big.........

Thanks . It is not bad , but when I was looking at it's spec on gsmarena , I noticed a newer version of it
Huawei MediaPad X1 ,,, can I use this one as phone , ? This one lighter
Guess you could use that as a phone, not having one or knowing someone with one can't say for sure, the M1 I have is a 16gb one not a 8gb as on the website.
A month ago I bought a Lenovo S939 phone which has a 6" screen.
I bought it off eBay for £144.95 and it a fantastic phone. It has a custom rom installed of vanilla Kitkat and is octo core with 8gb storage. I bought it from a uk seller and the price included next day postage.
There are various Chinese large screen phones on eBay but I bought this one because Lenovo is a well known make and they are the fifth biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. They bought out Motorola when it was in trouble but currently don't sell in the uk. If they did I doubt they'd sell this phone for the price I paid.
There are other Lenovo 6" phones on eBay and amazon. The size is slightly inconvenient but hasn't been a problem for me. Just have to be careful when I sit down, but the advantages are a great screen for internet use.
Forgot to add on last post that Currys PC World have the Asus phonepad with a 7" screen for £130. I looked at this phone before I bought the Lenovo but it was just too impractical as a normal use phone.

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Lenovo it seams good. thanks ..
I was an early adopter of the phablet I had a 7" one. Ooo er missus! They are so heavy that when you have it in the side pocket of your combat pants they get pulled down with the weight.
The Sony Z Ultra is a brilliant 6.4 inch phone/tablet. I purchased mine from amazon Germany. Handtec is selling a white one for £234.35 handtec.co.uk/son…Aeg
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