6 month insurance, 1 year no claim deals

Found 20th Dec 2011
I'm insuring my first car and Endsleigh is the cheapest by a fair bit. I'm a student and they have an offer on where you pay for 6 months and if you renew they give you a year no claims bonus.

Are these deals as good as they seem?

It's essentially the same cost (ie, 6 months is half the price of a year, give or take a tenner) so I can do either.

Just wondering if anyone had experienced them and if they were better deals? I'm 21 in 9 months so would still be 20 when I renewed.

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Can the no claims be accepted by other companies or is it an Endsleigh only deal
Sounds good unless you give you a very high renewal price. Also you want to know other companies will accept it as no claims bonus
Think on this one nothing ventured if the 6m price is almost same as normal with the possibility of a 1year no claims (shrug how that works), even if the renewal comes in too high it doesnt matter as you go elsewhere and then you will still get the 1 year no claims after 6 months with them anyway as you can state you have now driven for a year.
only about tenner difference, so if you do go for it, and other insurance company do no honor this then you set to lose about 2 x tenners (2 x 6 months).
Your not going to go elsewhere to pay higher premium are you? assuming you do need this insurance and they are the cheapest.
Other insurance companys will not accept the years no claims as you have not been driving for a year, sounds like a gimmick to me
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