6 ways to make furniture forts courtesy of IKEA

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Posted 14th May
Don't be sat there pretending you don't like making furniture forts. We all do and it's one of the few benefits of owning furniture, apart of course from relaxing on it, gaming from it, watching TV from it and many of the other common uses.

IKEA (the bloody geniuses) have created a guide to making furniture fortresses that I thought you may all appreciate

In return for sharing this knowledge I accidentally stumbled upon, I simply ask that if you can no longer fight the urge to build one of these architectual delights, is that you post a pic for us all to see
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We call them 'Dens' in the UK....
Caves where I'm from!
Affordable housing where I’m from
mork-0916/05/2020 11:39

Affordable housing where I’m from

Wheelie bins in the region I'm living in
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