6 x £1 off Play.com Vouchers (From McDs promotion)

Hi all..

Usual sort of deal. I've got 6 x £1 off Play.com vouchers (when spending over £8.95) that i'll give to the first 6 posters. I'll PM the code that is redemable.

I'd rather people use them over them going in the bin!


Could you PM me one or two across please? Many thanks in advance

me please..............:thumbsup:

Hi there
Could I have one please?

yes please! x

Original Poster

All PM'd so far. Enjoy guys. I've two left for the taking.

Thank you, received code and just used it to buy something. Cheers, rep added!

Could I please have one. Cheers mate. Very nice of you.

Original Poster

mighty mugger;8367097

Could I please have one. Cheers mate. Very nice of you.

PM'd to you. Glad my lunch can keep on giving and giving! :thumbsup:

One left!

could i have 1 plz,,:-D

Original Poster

Sorry for the delay daysleeper. 1st time at using my PC over the weekend. I've PM'd you with the code.
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