6 year old has to do a collage, needs inspiration, any help?

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Found 1st Nov 2009
The theme of the collage is sensory and he has to basically show the 5 senses in a picture.

sight and sound touch and smell and taste.

is that the 5 senses? lol.

Anyone got any ideas what he could do?


Orange peel, tin foil, piece of cloth, a leaf, crepe paper, all stuck on a bit of carboard.

I'm assuming it has to be a picture rather than just random stuff?

So for the picture, something that has a pond or the sea in it so you could use a mirror for sight?
Then sandpaper for touch(painted green or left sand colourd)?
smell, taste and sound I'll leave to others for inspiration lol

Eyes Hands Nose Mouth and a tongue


Eyes Hands Nose Mouth and a tongue

Hehehe like it - very literal :thumbsup:


Hehehe like it - very literal :thumbsup:

Well he is only SIX !!



Eyes Hands Nose Mouth and a tongue

cut them out of the tons of sunday paper/supplement recycling most people have

blunt rounded edge scissors ot the plastic 1's are what are nnnded here .....and a pritt stick

oh the memories


Well he is only SIX !!:thumbsup:

Seems I interpreted the question wrong - thought it had to have elements of all senses - if that makes sense :?

Anyhoo - we all know the parents mostly make these projects :thumbsup:

At our offices we have these giant sensory " sculptures" for children. There's balls of different weights that go down through clear piping and lights and sounds go off when they thread the balls through successfully. The sculptures are made of bubbly and scratchy and cold materials... all different kinds so they're intriguing to the touch.. sounds go off when they interact with the sculpture and lights flash.

The amount of times i've seen adult visitors playing with the sculptures..........lol

as for a sensory collage, I'd go out in the garden and collect together bits of anything you can find... tree bark, seeds, flower petals, soil, sand... glue it all to summin fun like sandpaper and add on a touch of glitter or so just to make it eye catching... call it "Autumn"................. job sorted x

Fits in with current foundation stage requirements that all children's activities should be "R.I.C.H.".... ie real, interactive, challenging, holistic.

A picture of someone holding/eating a bacon sandwich with the pig still alive:thumbsup:

what about the Sixth Sense? :?


Charlie Scene;6748629

what about the Sixth Sense? :?

is that the "gaydar"?:-D

Hope your collage went well OP xx
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