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Found 10th Aug
Gooooooood evening UKHotpeople

I thought i'd share you with you how I play the game with car insurance renewals from successfully receiving discounts over the past 5 years.

I used to work in sales ALOT from selling people dodgy extended warranties in a well known electrical retail store Where in the world?...... to chatting up people on the phone after looking at their balances for a well known bank. I have been told I can sell a glass eye to people as I have the gift of the gab - if you want a glass eye DM me
I have achieved top sales person in the region as well as contact center.

What I have learnt over the years especially for insurance renewals (home/car) is you have to pick the right time to get a deal!!

The best times are Friday nights, or the last working days of the month. Why you say? Come sit on my nap little one and let uncle Harry explain :

Working in sales you can imagine is very pressured as we all have targets, but then so do the supervisors, as well as the sales managers, as well as the contact/store managers, as well as the regional managers etc...all the way up. Different people in the food chain have different levels of discounts, just because the adviser cant give you a good deal, speak to their supervisor/manager.

Now, the best times to get a deal is Friday nights/last working day of the month as the supervisors/managers and above want to smash last weeks targets but also smash last months targets but also last years targets.

During the end of the month (last working day) or friday night they tend to give out more discount so they can all brown nose the manager above in the food chain to show how good they are. If they meet their targets they get bonuses, if they exceed, they get a bigger bonuses but also allows them to brown nose so deep that they can take the backdoor on getting promotions (no pun intended) I have seen this happen so many times!!

For the advisers they offer incentives in the call centers. Some examples I've experienced and heard about:

- First 5 people to hit their daily/weekly targets get to leave 1 hour early (cost the business nothing if they have already smashed their contact center targets as they can justify it)
- Anyone who does a renewal/new policy gets to pick a prize from the table (can be chocolates/beer/wine etc...)
- First team to hit their targets by lunch get an extra 30 minutes of lunch

Now I take advantage of this and it has worked for years. This is what I do for car/home insurance and it has worked again tonight:

1 - I time this right so late friday night/last working day of the month when contact center management want to brown nose, so they put pressure/incentivise on advisers to finish the week/month off with a bang

2 - I go on price comparisons website like comparethemarket etc.... and I find the cheapest deal with all the bells and whistles that mirror my policy ensuring that its a reputable company and not some cheap tesco value policy that you got from some guy you never heard of before . Example for this scenario lets say £350 for car insurance, my renewal was £420?

3 - I then go on my current providers website that is screwing me over on my renewal

4 - I initiate the online chat/telephone chat around 7:30pm so just before they go home where the management are ready with the knee pads for their managers

5 - I say that I want to cancel my policy as I found a quote cheaper elsewhere and I feel punished for having my car insurance with you guys as you've increased my premium for NO reason and NOTHING has changed on my policy. Is there anything you can do?
They they check everything blah blah blah! they they say how much did you get a quote for? I say whatever the cheapest quote I got (£350) but minus about £30 off that - so I say as an example £320 (I can do maths me!) I also give them the website I got the quote from, the provider and quote reference - they cant check this but give them evidence!!

They then go away for a while and check everything then they come back with £365? so it got cheaper but not close to £320.
At this point I say some more things like, i'm upset, its expensive, i'm trying to save for a thai lady to come over here, my pet fish died etc....then they go away again but this time they say example: £348.....now this is the offer I want - Its cheaper than the cheapest quote i got on the comparison website! What I say next is could you do it for a round figure of £345 etc...i say this to try and push them further, if they can go cheaper GREAT! if not then its still cheap.

The most I got off is £110 before!!!!

Don't be afraid people, remember - The prices on the price comparisons websites are NOT the cheapest you can get it.....you need to know how to play the game and think outside the box

Good night boys and girls

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That’s a lot of work to save £2.......
True but I used example figures
teh.arn28 m ago

That’s a lot of work to save £2.......

Lot of work to read it as well, lost me before we even got to car insurance.
Whilst this is helpful advice and thank you for posting, it might be worth trimming the post abit or even a lot.

I don’t think you’ll be flooded with pm’s asking for glass eyes
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I just phoned up my insurer and said it was too much, she dropped it about 30 % just like that.

£210 fully comp for a 1750 turbo Alfa is pretty good.
cheers quality tale
Will try this next time
The computer provides the discounts and deals available at different stages of the call.
No longer do sales staff have leverage. May have worked in the 90's, but not now..
I will gladly pay a bit extra just not to go through the scripts that they have to read.

Most of the times I can get cashback doing on line renewals
21 days before renewal is best time according to mse
Uncle Harry, I tend to go on price comparison websites late at night, say 1AM or 2AM and find cheap rates.
Difference between day and night prices can be upto £400!
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