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600 free super Rakuten points

Posted 31st Jan
It maybe account specific but Rakuten emailed me with 600 free super points

To thank you for using Rakuten TV, we are giving you 600 Rakuten Super Points
to rent your favourite movie in HD/4K HDR quality! From new releases to hidden gems, pick from 100s of films from our selected list using the voucher below.

But be quick - this offer ends on 07/02/2020*!
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Thanks for sharing. When did you receive your email?
8pm tonight
Thank you! Just looked at my email and it's there.
This is definitely account specific as I have a few Rakuten accounts and only one had this email, but it's worth a check to see if you've recieved one (don't forget to check your junk mail)

It says you can choose to rent a film from a selected list, but if you add your code here you will have the points added to your account to spend on anything you like.

Also for some reason I already had 500 points added to my account this month, so definitely worth checking your accounts just incase. I have no idea what prompted them to give me either set of points (I didn't even recieve any notification about the points that were added automatically). But it's definitely worth checking your emails/points balance if you have an existing account.
I've got the email, rented lion king in hd but allowed me to watch in 4k shows 4k in library. Still got 400 points left. I wonder if it will work for others
Hmmmm, I redeemed the code last night and added the points to my account, I've just been on today though and the points have disappeared.

When I look on my super points transaction history it says I spent the 600 points today, but I have nothing in my library to show for it. I'll probably try contacting them but I know from experience they're bloody useless. Tbh I had no idea what to spend my points on anyway, easy come easy go.
I got Lion king and Dora for rent and from when I had the points and still have points left anyone with trouble I would definitely get gold of them
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