60gb PS3 in local second hand shop £200....good deal or no?

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Found 23rd Feb 2009
just wondering if its a good deal comes with pad etc.....would have to check if its boxed or anything...

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Seems decent, but keep in mind, second-hand shops usually pay out half what they sell for. This means that someone was willing to take £100 for it, so you too might be able to find someone who'll sell you theirs for the same, or around that figure. Check out Gumtree or eBay.

Either that, or it's stolen.

some dodgy geeza has handed in their kids ps3 to either pay the bills or score a fix. thats cheap for a 60gb...providing its a pal 60gb.

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i know...just some ppl get desperate for cash for bills..drink..drugs..whatever it is....theres always ps3's and 360's in there...just this being a 60gb model...seems a decent deal.

you'd be very very lucky to buy for less then £200 on ebay, i believe sale price is generally closer to £250, just check for damage and see if plays games and films ok before buying and see what the return policy is like should there be a problem

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think u get 28 days with them. and they dont buy things without testing them. plus they always take 2 forms of ID when buying and have all sellers pictures on the pc..as they take a web cam pic when u first sell something...as ive sold to them a few times.

where is it?

cash converters probably

i took some ps3 game in there the other week as the oh finished with thm
they were gonna give me £2 each :lol: i gave them to a mate instead losers
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