60th birthday present for my dad

    anybody any ideas on something i could get my dad for his 60th thought about the ferarri track day but seems alot for 3 laps especially when he can only really do it on a weekend. anybody have any ideas. thanks


    what sport does he like what about a round of golf on a posh golf course and a nice meal

    Try here -…_-a

    Thats where i got my dads 60th birthday gift back in feb.


    My dad is 60 in July.

    I am thinking of having a surprise birthday party for him.

    Take him go carting with the family and you could probably do it for the cost of a ferrari day and still have change for drinks after, I bet he'd love that.

    Original Poster

    never been golfing not really for him he use to be into his windsurfing but age has got the better of him or so he says.

    did your dad enjoy his racing experience? and did you think it was worth it for what you got? as i would probably be going with him and doing it too.

    had the suprise birthday do for him on sat just gone

    pretty good idea with the go karting but pretty sure it would cost the same as a day out on a track, will phone about tomorrow and find out.

    thanks for your input guys all repped

    maybe something for him to keep ...a newspaper from the day he was born lots of online stores do these got my father in law one he loved it

    goodluck with the selection bo9dster007


    how about tracing family history?
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