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60th Birthday Quiz - Any ideas please?

Posted 28th Jan 2014
We're planning a surprise 60th birthday party for my mother-in-law and was thinking of doing a quiz.
Has anybody done anything similar as would be grateful for any ideas?
Many thanks
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That sounds like fun - I would look up what happened in the year of her birth, get a couple of questions on that- she'd be a teenager in the Swinging Sixties, so maybe some music clips questions from that era, incorporate family photos maybe and have some sort of practical element (dressing up or party games) 50s Party ideas 1950s and 60s party games

I guess you would go for a mix of questions from different eras of her life, tailored to the sorts of things she is/ was interested in, with some actual family memories/ funny stuff thrown in to make it a really joyful affair- fun facts with an emphasis on family, I suppose is what I am thinking...

You could approach family members/ party guests to write down a special memory they have shared with her, recalling some of her finest (and maybe not so finest) hours.

Good Luck and have fun setting it up-I'm sure she'll be really thrilled.
Naked twister is always a hit at parties!
If possible, I would try to take it slightly further and have one question relating to each year of her life, split into categories (eg Sport, Music, Politics, World Events, Family Events, etc).
Also, depending on numbers, the sock game usually goes down well (putting small household objects in socks for people to guess).
i went to golden wedding anniversary recently and they did just as persontypething said and it was fab , really enjoyed it . also asked about sweets and drinks from 60 yrs ago . that was fun . won a toffee crisp as apparently that from 60 yrs ago
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