£6.15p to feed a Child for a year

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Found 24th Dec 2008
Came across this and thought to myself - that's one amazing deal .. so often when giving to charity you often think if even a few pounds will really make a difference, but when you see for a little over £6 you can fee a child for an entire year it really makes you wonder. Bought 2 coffee's the other day in covent garden and it came to almost £6 - for a little bit more could have fed a child for a whole year - I certainly plan to give to this cause.



Just for info. Feeding and keeping alive are 2 different things in my book. The meal is 60g a day (that's less than 2 bags of crisps worth for comparison) of what is essentially flour mixed with water. This will keep you alive but I don't class this as being fed.

I don't want to take anything away from this but please make efforts to make sure you know how much of the money you give goes to the people who need it. For example the CEO for the charity 'cancer research UK' earns over £200k a year! Some of the worst charities only give 5p in the pound to the people who need it.

So to sum up. If you wish to be charitable is just as important to know who is getting the money as how much you give.

so true - I found this out a long time ago, used to give to a war charity (no names) but when my father was dying and needd help they did nothing, he only needed to borrow a chair that you could sleep on, I will never forget, not one of the charities helped. I do give by covenant to Unicef but I am under no illusion as to how much actually gets to the children, so sad


So to sum up. If you wish to be charitable is just as important to know … So to sum up. If you wish to be charitable is just as important to know who is getting the money as how much you give.

Where could you find out?

charity begins at home - sort out the children on the streets in our own country first

why whats wrong with the children in the uk, i very much doubt if even 1 child starves day in day out.

if their parents learnt to abstain the the children wouldnt be born to starve to death - perhaps thats what we should be doing - educating the adults

I always laugh at charities - their execs get 100k+ a year, surely if the cause was worthy, they'd do it out of the kindness of their hearts?

even the "chuggers" on the high street get £8+ an hour.

It's all a con.


Where could you find out?

Ask the charity. Most will tell you. If they wont chances are the don't give that much. The second port of call is the charity commission.

intelligentgiving.com/ is a good place to start finding impartial info on charities operations


Is a great site. I use it all the time to justify my cynicism. Backing up what Gav was saying about Cancer Research UK, check ]this out - £470m in, £130m kept for themselves. Mary's Meals you won't find listed on the Charity Comission site, on the grounds that they're not even a charity. Check it out for yourself. In their blurb they're a "movement", in their smallprint, they're most definitely a company.
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