Found 23rd Oct 2009
I am not a games player but I use the computer to rip to DVD. Otherwise it is mainly used for office work or browsing.
My question to the experts out there. As I am buying a new machine should I go for the standard 32bit or should I "Future proof" it by purchasing a 64bit system?
Or is it too early, regarding working programs?

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Almost all computers these days are 64 bit, but they have 32bit oerating systems installed.

Its a matter of personal preference which operating system you install, I personally prefer X64 and it is also more secure than 32bit with less hacks
Very little software wont run on 64 bit operating systems these days and I've not met a driver for anything I own that has caused a problem.

Up to yu really


if yuo buy win7 then you get both versions on the install disk

64bit is superb

If you can, install 64, makes sence if you have a 64 bit system

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thanks for the advice. I did mean the operating system but all your comments have been noted and I will probably go 64bit if there is no known issues.
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