Found 27th Oct 2007
Im downloading the new drivers for my Vostro 1000 from a web site:

10. Ensure Your Video Drivers are Up To Date!!!! (NVidia Drivers only)

To start, I know that some of you are going to read this and realize you never had a clue that you should update your video drivers!! To a great extent, if the driver you are using works for you, why stick a fly in the ointment right? For many however, video driver updates can, not only improve upon performance but also, fix problems associated with the older drivers in use. You need to read the driver information to, not only ensure it is compatible with your graphics adapter, but also to recognize that the updates and fixes will help you in some way.

Many of the most recent fixes have this little issue solved which has been recognized in so many trouble posts here at NBR:

"The display is corrupt or there is no display upon resume from sleep mode" ISSUE RESOLVED

So..first off go here for the latest video driver update: LaptopVideo2Go
You will see on the left, your choices first which you need to make sure are correct. If you are using Vista as a 32Bit environment , select it. Also, if you have updated previously, the latest and greatest drivers are listed on the right.

As far as updating simply find the latest driver and double click on the exact file number you want. It is in the version column. DONT CLICK ON THE DOWN ARROW!! This will bring you to the screen where you can verify all the information I mentioned above.

Now, once in this screen, I want you to click on the driver as well as modded inf. Download them both to the same location on your computer; the desktop is simplest. Look at that...there is even a quickstart guide to help you along if your hesitant or unsure!!! You can browse this and even look through the pictures for reference but PLEASE...follow my directions exactly to ensure this works for you.

Next double click on the downloaded driver file to extract it. It will create a folder with tons of files in it. Once thats done, I need you to click on the modded inf file, hold the clicker down, and drag that file into the new folder. It will ask you and I want you to replace the 'inf' file from the driver with the 'modded inf' file.

IF YOU DO NOT, you may get some silly message later that says that your system is not compatible with the driver.

All that is required now is to find the file entitled 'Setup' inside the folder and double click on it.

Once the process starts, you will get a red warning label that says 'Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software' Install the driver software anyway.

Thats it!! Restart your system and enjoy.

As for cleanup, you can now delete the original compressed file, any modded inf file still there, as well as the newly extracted folder that was created. They are all no longer of any use.

The Vostro is Athlon X2 with a 64 sticker on it, does this meant its 64 bit or 32 bit for the driver?

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athlon x2's are 64bit afaik


If you are using a 32bit operating system you need the 32bit drivers and if its 64bit, then the 64bit drivers.

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how do i find out which ones i need?

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Oops its not Nvidia its ATI in the laptop

lol oh dear !!
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