65" 4k 10bit for £1000-£1200?

Found 28th Feb 2018
Hi folks,

Any thoughts / advice on a 65" 4k 10bit tv? Obviously for that price range I won't expect QLED, I'm perfectly OK with LED!

Really struggling to find TVs yet alone specs that indicate it's 10bit.

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55” for that price.

65” are upwards of £1800, however hisense have decent value TVs.
Pop to the library to read the Which magazine reports.
I always read them & take pictures of anything interesting.
'10-bit' is a very vague term, what exactly are you trying to do with the TV? Some sort of photo editing/video mastering.

If it's HDR then you're looking at the wrong aspect. All HDR TVs accept a 10-bit signal and a 10-bit LCD panel isn't an important factor. If you want to buy on specs then look at the backlight, not the LCD. It's colour gamut, local dimming system and peak brightness.

If HDR is a major factor in your purchase then I would up the budget a bit and go for the XE90 at ~£1500, you lose quite a bit of performance with £300. Or better still the XE93 at £1700. That's where the HDR sweet spot is for 65" right now.

If it's not and you just want a bit of support for occasional use then the Samsung MU7000 has about the largest dynamic range within budget, although it's worth keeping an eye out for MU8000 deals as it's a very similar TV but reflects less light.
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You will struggle to get true 10bit for that price. To appreciate the full benefits of 10bit OLED is the way to go. I purchased a 65 inch LG with Dolby Vision certification for £950 from Costco with a 5 year warranty. It is branded as 10bit to get the Dolby certification but is really 8bit with FRC. I highly recommend going for something like that rather than a native 10 bit LED panel.

This is the new model of my TV.

This can be had in your budget.
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'True 10-bit' is a meaningless term for HDR at the moment. Nothing can reproduce the colour space or brightness range than HDR10 uses 10-bits to record.
Go for an oled 55 can get for around 1.5k-2k
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