65" TV on a 50" TV Stand - possible VESA adapter to raise TV slightly?

Found 30th Oct 2017
This question originates by me in this deal:

I am using THIS TV stand which has a 50" mounted to it. There's about 5" of space between the bottom of the TV and the top shelf.

Based on the image of the back of this 65" monster, I can already tell the top screws are too high, so if I were to screw the current mounting points in, the bottom of the TV would be below the top shelf.

So, if I bought THIS VESA mount and simply left the faceplate off, would I be able to mount the TV onto this stand by screwing in the hooks to one of the open holes? (See the 5th image down on eBay for how the two vertical adapters look & their many holes)
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