65inch 4K TV

Found 28th May
Looking for a 65inch 4K TV at a good price (not sure what a good price is). Any ideas?

Thanks very much
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They can be had from £600 to £6000. You need to give more information
Which make is best, Samsung, Panasonic or LG. I current have a 58inch Panasonic 750 which is great. But want a 65 inch
Important to have a budget in mind as prices vary wildly - OLED TV's seem to be quite popular if you have a budget of over £2k. I bought a Bravia KD65XE9005 instead of an OLED few months as I was concerned about screen burn issue and very happy with that.
750 is the position in the range, you need the letters before that as well for the specific model.

But to give you an idea the current outgoing EX750 can be had for £1400-1500 while the incoming FX750 is £2000 so that's the sort of price you're looking at for similar quality.

If you're interested in HDR then right now the Sony ZD9 at £3000 is hard to beat:
Thanks very much. Any Samsung you can recommend. Don’t really want to go about £1500. Cheers
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