65mn xbox 360, are they out there?

    i want an xbox, they are cool and have wicked games. but they are damm noisy so i have been waiting for the 65mn CPU i know they exist and are not perfect but it will be better than the 95mn cpu.
    how do i get one,
    which version is most likely to have a 65nm cpu and what are the odd of getting one (as i know there are no garuntees)?
    how long do i have to wait before i can be garunteed of getting one?

    Any info is welcome.



    I think the 360 elite has the 65nm chip inside it. Friend says it is quite a bit quieter than his old premium. Not sure if the new premiums with the HDMI slot use the new cpu chip or not.

    Elite is the one I'd go for - HDMI slot and larger hard drive and it's also black in colour. Most places have them in stock or should get stock of them soon.

    the xbox elite still uses the 90nm process.

    there has been a few sightings but these are far and few between and even then it was only the processor with the 65nm process not the GPU (which is the part that need shrinking IMO)

    I have heard that most of the Halo 3 consoles have the revamped chip :thumbsup:
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