666 Anti-Devil Ebay Listing XD

Was Browsing on ebay, found this being sold:


Absolutely Hilarious

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oh boring modding.

He can tell us what it was (search for 666 I think)...

He's not trying to sell or advertise something he's merely trying to share something which made him laugh. Why have you removed it?

Our forum rules here state that no links to individual eBay sellers are allowed. It's to stop abuse, and to stop people trying to self-promote.

I'm not trying to stop people having fun!

You can perform a search for it yourselves - item title: 666 Stop The Devil Curse

I suppose it's OK if I post the listing text (without a link to the actual listing)?

[color=darkred]Dear eBayers,

What you are about to read will surely inspire you and could change your life forever.
This auction was deliberately commenced at 6pm on the 6th of June 2006. 06/06/06
Yes, you’ve got it. The Devil’s Code [ 666 ]

On this day, the devil (Satan) and his armies are preparing a huge attack on human kind.
From history, and other religious books I’ve managed to figure out just some of the attacks that the devil might commit on this day. These are listed below:

* Cause chaos in the world i.e. wars… (With Iran?)
* Split you with your partner
* Makes your mother choose sides
* Your wife would run away with an attractive china man
* You'd get chased by Chavs in a White neighbourhood
* Your neighbour will become a heroin smuggler
* Your pc will attract a homophobic virus
* You might get shot by British police
* And the worst of all, Rooney would get a groin injury for all the Scissor Kicks he’s been doing.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is all the work of the devil and what you will be bidding on is a Verse which when you read every night before you go to bed, it would protect you daily from the above occurrences.

This verse has been passed from my great forefathers. It is said that it dates back to the ABRAHAMIC ERA.
This verse has helped me throughout my life and still will. It helped me achieve where I am today.

So I am willing to share this with the winning bidder. You will receive the verse in two languages, English and another language of my choice written beautifully in a calligraphical design.

Please note this date would not appear again for another 1000 years which by then the devil would have grown a small beard. It is therefore your choice if you want to keep the Devil’s curse away from your loved ones.

All money won will go to charity to help others get a better standard of living.

I will happily answer any comments or questions you have.[/color]
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