6buy now pay 6 months, interest free

    hi im looking at buying a new sofa, bed and possibly new HD tv for new house and due to my regular savings ending in 6 months im looking at buying now paying in 6 monthes interest free. does anyone know if ARGOS do this ??? and if not does anyone know of anwhere that does or even a site that does

    also could someone please delete this same thread from MiISC please


    Do you mean buy now and pay 6 months later? that is a regular argos deal, you just have to spend over 195 on your argos card, or over 95 for 3 months interest free.

    certain large items have the option to buy now and pay later for a longer period, upto 2 years, hope this helps.

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    yeah itl be well over 200quid lol ahhh rite excellent ill apply for a card later
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