Posted 1st Mar 2023 (Posted 4 h, 22 m ago)
Anyone any experience of this broadband providers

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    Online reviews don't sound too positive:…=15

    From a quick glance at their website it's a wireless service. Service will be wildly variable so don't expect stable speeds, or even close to the speeds you're paying for at times. Also expect them to have to install a fairly large antenna on your house in order to receive it.

    I haven't dealt with 6Gi but I have experience with similar services and wouldn't recommend it unless you're REALLY stuck for connectivity where you live and ADSL is literally the only option. If you can get literally anything else, even if just FTTC - Take it imo.
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    Many thanks
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    The amount of recent reviews they have flagged and hidden on there seems kinda suspicious to me.
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