7-10" Monitor

    Not the most common request but I'm looking for a small screen that I can use as a secondary display to store an instant messenger chat window in, so forth, while I use the main screen to focus on other tasks.

    You can get USB ones that have their own video drivers built in so it works directly via USB. However most of these on eBay go for over £100 which is amazing since you can get a 20" for a little more if you look hard enough. Has anyone found one of these screens for a good price? Touch screen is not at all a requirement.

    Thanks, would be grateful if you found anything because I've had no success.


    this is about £70ish

    Would this do?

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    Thanks for the deals. Disco, good deal but I can't travel, I don't have a car to pick it up. Plus, I'm looking for a small monitor in particular as I'm lacking desk space.

    Chuckles1001: I've used DX a lot in the past and that's not a bad deal, so thanks. My concern is that my current video card probably doesn't support dual monitor. It has a HDMI and a VGA but I think that's only for single output. I will go for that deal if I find a good video card for this.

    As for USB monitors, having their own video drivers I thought they could be used as a second display but I'm not so sure about this. If anybody could clarify this then please let me know.

    Thanks again guys.
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