7 a.m Attendance

    who is up?


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    not loads of hukd user are up this time

    Not me

    Me, and I don't want to be.... Always wake up at half six then can't get back to sleep

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    i wake up at 5 n then can't sleep

    im off to bed shortly..have a good one


    joy of having kids (_;)


    joy of having kids (_;)

    me to, ive had a bit of a lie in today, my sons had me up at 5am last few days but he only woke up at 7am today.

    me................always up at 7 or before

    Up to early need some new dark curtains, will buy asap hate the sunlight waking me up

    Ach, been up since 2. How sad



    I was starting a 20 mile run at 7!

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    any one up now?
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