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Found 12th Apr 2010

Did anyone ever use the "Driveaway" 7 Day free insurance while having another insurance on a second car?

I want to collect a car from the showroom which i recently bought and have an existing car which will be put for sale next week. I wonder how i can best avoid taking out a new insurance and just continue with what i have on my existing car, drive the new car to my place and then sell the first car

I can then move my existing insurance over to my new car
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I bought a Golf last august and got 7 days free insurance till I updated my existing insurance. It was hassle free. Why do you not want to use it? It covers you for 7 days till you update your insurance.
I am collecting a car this coming weekend. But also have another car which isnt sold yet, and hopefully need week.

I will call up the existing insurance company to find out how much it costs to have 2 cars on one policy. but i want to avoid getting a new policy and then cancel it and get the admin fee charged
You can take out a separate short term insurance policy from the likes of dayinsure.com to cover you from 1 day up to around 30 days if the garage doesn't have driveaway insurance.

Thats working out to be expensive

If i take out on daily basis, it is coming up to around 20 pounds roughly
If the garage doesn't offer free driveaway insurance then you're going to need to pay it one way or another.

The majority of my customers who purchase their cars from me take up the offer of the 7 day complimentary cover. It is fully comprehensive, no catch, and expires on the 8th day unless of course you opt to take out an annual policy. The benefit being that it allows you to have up to 7 days free cover whilst you search for your most competitive quote, and also to avoid any additional admin charges that your own insurance would inevitably want from you to insure a second car for a short period. Believe me, no catches, and FREE!! It also alleviates the possibility of any postal delay in getting the insurance to your garage and then being disappointed that you could not collect. The 7 day complimentary insurance is emailed via pdf file to the garage/dealership so they can tax your car ahead of delivery.
How do I get this cove
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