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    hi hope someone can help my order is on "backorder" and the item are not being dispached but there is stock do i need to order them again


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    Just email them, why would you order the same thing twice?

    because it also says Click to re-order but not sure this is to add more items to the order

    I have just emailed them after seeing this post as i am in the same situation and it is now in stock. It is not very clear what your supposed to do. Will post response when I get one.

    Here is there response:


    I see that one of the items that I ordered that was on "back order" is now back in stock, will this automatically be dispatched now or is there anything that I have to do?

    7dayshop reply - 03/03/2010 - 12:02
    no need for you to do anything. This wil be disaptched for you very shortly

    kind regards"

    Maybe just drop them an email via contact us link.

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    purchased a memory card from 7dayshop - still waiting MANY days later. How long does it take for someone to shove a memory card into a jiffy bag? 1st and last time with them sadly
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