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    We are considering upgrading to a second hand 7 seater, we have 3 kids and it is a bit of a squeze in our Ford Focus. Does anybody have the new Ford S-Max? For some reason you don't see many of them, so if a car doesn't sell I guess it is not a good sign. Which 7 seater would you recommend? Thanks


    I think it's because it has a whopping 2.5 litre engine (not in all models I must stress!) that is the same as the Focus ST! Which would mean very expensive cars with very expensive insurance premiums! I have seen a few in and around me, but you are right, not many. No real idea why there aren't many around! Maybe Ford have lost out in the MPV market and come in too late!

    The Ford Galaxy is a very nice car. It's just had a face lift/new model come out, so I dare say you'll get the older style a bit cheaper.

    However, if you want to go for another make of car, I've been in a Vauxhall Zafira (sp?!) in both the old and new style, and they are very nice comfy MPVs which I believe average 32.4 MPG. That was based on what I could see on a trip from Bristol to London with 4 adults in the car!

    I'm trying to get my dad (who works for Ford) to get me a test drive in a Focus ST and S-Max with the 2.5 litre engine, but I think I'd have more of a chance giving birth (and I'm a bloke!) ha ha

    Good luck with your search!

    The 06 S-Max is er, pretty new... ;-)

    Used prices for the 06 S-Max seem to start at £12k, you got a budget Glo?

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    Thanks for your replies, budget is £10k

    The Galaxy 06+ model seems to start at £14k+

    I would recommend a bit of patience and the S-Max 06 model as that is so very well reviewed.

    Alot of the S-Max 06 models came out on the 1st of June, so alot of models will be hitting the 1 year mark come summer.

    The S-Max's seem to be priced at £17k-£22k new, so most will be £18k+ i think when bought new
    Come summer 1year mark in 6-9months time for alot of them will have taken the biggest depreciation hit and lost at least 40% if not 50%+ so £10k then for one (or more if you save?) should be possible for what is probably the best rated MPV car in 2006.

    There are others you could get now, but they are 5 or 6 seaters, or older far inferior 7seaters, if you really want a good 7 seater, it;s worth waiting for the S-Max imho.

    ]This should give you an idea of prices about at the moment, private sale would be cheaper.
    Also consider Vauxhall Zafira, none on that site though.
    Smax is sought after so will hold premium price for a few years yet imo, as is the Honda fr-v which would be my choice.
    I like the three abreast front seats in the fr-v, Fiat multipla have them too, cheaper, but are a bit less liked (cos they used to be ugly, but better now)

    Im sure i seen a program called deals on wheels and altho some people dont like citroen the "Picasso" was meant to be pretty family friendly.

    honda do a nice car with three seats in the front !

    Kia Sedona are popular and i own a Sorento which is good motor and
    well equipped for the price compared to say a Landrover Discovery…tml

    I would go for the new shape Zafira you can get a 1.6 Club for around £8200 06 plate with about 15k on the clock, i get a trade email every week as we can buy them via work from the place we get all our cars/vans if intrested i can pass it on when i next get one you shouldnt have a problem buying from them


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    Thanks everybody for all your comments and for taking the time to reply!:roll:

    Im also on the look out for a 7 seater and found a few things I didnt like with a few of the suggested cars...

    It all depends on how often you will have a full car and who will be in it...

    I Had the offer to go test drive at a Kia garage and tried the new carens....
    its really nice!! perfect for my family's needs but over my budget for now...

    My suggestion is go to each garage and test drive their offerings...(Hopefully get some freebies along the way!)

    They may be 7 seaters but not all are easy to get in and out...

    It annoys me most when they have reviews in magazines of the best MPV's and they have a couple with a dog test one...."Oh it was a little too big for us"!!....

    Good luck and let us know what you ended up with....


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    Thanks Kimbo, you are right, we'll have to make time and go to the garages and test drive as many as possible. Can I ask you, what didn't you like about the recommended cars above?


    The Kia Sedona has bulky seats and they dont fold down much so the best way to maximise the space in car was to remove them....something I wanted to avoid if possible. A couple of the other also have the same system.

    A couple of the others had little boot space when the car was full of passengers.
    They were also hard to get adults in the back seats due to the fact you had less than 1ft to squeeze through.

    My other half is 6'8+ so finds it hard to drive certain cars also due to lack of headspace and leg space.

    I have 3 kids 12, 10 and 2...they play drums, rugby, Winter Guard (6ft flags), plus have numerous friends who require a lift to activities so have to have the space available when needed so the variatons of seats was another need. Not that this is catered for in all the cars.

    I also have grandparents who also come and stay both nearly 90! so getting in and out of some cars is hard at the best of times and some cars heights are pretty high.

    I really wanted a car that was compact and economic when not at full capacity as sometimes it is just one or 2 kids at a time, But also had the option of being a car that you could fill to the brim...

    It all depends on what you will be using the car for and what needs you have.

    Several of my neighbours have 2 kids and a large people carrier which Ive never seen more than 4 people in, I personally want to keep mine simple and should i need to do a long journey with 7+ people and luggage, Id rather hire a vehicle for that time.

    Im still looking and have a few more cars to try...


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    Thanks Kim, what a fantastic reply! It really helps to hear other people's views. We are a growning family, 3 kids aged 10, 4 and 1, so we need to think carefully about this. Thank you very much

    Hi... have had a Zafira for 4 years now and what I like most about it over the galaxy (aunt had galaxy) is that when you are not using the rear 2 seats they fold down under the middle seats, where as in the galaxy you had to either fold them over.. (takes up alot of the boot space).. remove them...(means leaving them indoors or in the garage), or leave them up and once again you loose boots space. I have two kids 11 and 7 disabled mother and until recently very large dog and plenty of room for all.. (and no didn't make mum sit in boot with the dog!!)

    Its bad enough finding a normal car....let alone a mulitple-seater!!

    Keep me posted to what youve tried and what you like and dont...

    If i dont get a 7 seater...Ill be buying a 2cv and a trailer lol...

    something that i dont dont have to listen to the whinging...


    Try a Mitsubishi Space Wagon ;-)

    :thumbsup: We got a Vauxhall Zafira (Diesel) 4 months ago and I love it, we previously had a renault espace but it was really expensive to run, whereas the Zafira has been very economical, also with the age of your little ones the seven seats help you to conform to the car seat laws :thumbsup: - it's not easy to get three car seats in the back of a regular car!

    We have had a Vauxhall Zafira for a few years now. Generally very happy with it but you would be advised to go along and test it out before hand. We found using the rear seats a pain if you have child seats fitted in the middle row - access to the rear seats was by sliding the middle seat forward a tilting the back rest - if you have a child seat this means moving it or having the passengers climb out the back. Not sure if that has improved with the newer models.

    Compact MPVs like the Zafira are great and we have a Mazda Premacy which is only five seats but a similar size to the Zafira. My big concern with the 7 seat COMPACT MPV is the kids are usually sitting in the crumple zone at the rear. If you regularly use 7 seats I would consider the larger 7 seaters like the Galaxy. If you go for a smaller one ask about the safety aspect.....

    citroen picasso only has 5 seats but they are bringing out a 7 seat version round about now
    picasso is a great car we had one and really miss it thinking of getting another but heard a new model was on its way so im holding off

    Very happy with our Zafira. We chose it originally because there were very few models with the extra 2 seats which folded flat into the car (still not too many). It is not the biggest 7 seater, but we didn't want one that looked like a transit! Ours is nearly 5 years old, and if we had the cash to buy another new car, i would still buy a Zafira. With the new shape, they have have made even more seating configurations, the tourno. bar can be stored onboard, and all seat belts have 3 point harnesses (loads of other improvements but these are the LITTLE niggles i have with ours) Hope this is of some use:)

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    Thanks everybody!

    Got the latest newsletter for the trade cars if intrested, quite a few 06 New shape Zafiras starting at £8600 with 12k on the clock


    citroen picasso only has 5 seats but they are bringing out a 7 seat … citroen picasso only has 5 seats but they are bringing out a 7 seat version round about now picasso is a great car we had one and really miss it thinking of getting another but heard a new model was on its way so im holding off

    Ive got a picasso - 2.0 diesel.... Fantastic..... Use about 1/2 as much petrol/diesel as I did before with my previous car. (Cheap on raod tax too...) Nice size seats etc.... but if a 7 seater is coming out - def. worth a look.....

    I bought 3 months ago a Zafira 1.8 dual fuel (standard factory fitted LPG system) which I'm very pleased with. I have a morrison around the corner from me who do LPG at 40p litre, so I'm hoping to make a saving on fuel in the long run. Since I bought the car, I've not filled up with unleaded, which the MPV can take also. I'm paying a reduced road tax because its a 'green car' and if you drive in London, you are congestion charge exempt. I got mine from autotrader, but ebay always has some as well. So if you got a local LPG depot, use this link to find out....]http//ww…com then go for a LPG MPV.

    We have 4 kids so needed a bigger car. We got a renault grande scenic which if very nice. Im sure you could get a nearly new one for about 10k.…e=0

    Renault also have a great saftey record.

    My husband had 6 adults in it at christmas and did say it was okay for a short journey but wouldnt fancy going on a long journey with them all. No problems with the kids though - very spacious for them.
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