7 Seater Car Rental in Canada

Found 27th Jul 2007
Most car rentals are charging £30 a day for a mini van. I am going vancouver for 22 days thats going to cost me £660.

Anyone been to Canada and know if Taxi's are cheap, plus I have the family with me or any offers from car rental firms? Help me any Bright Idea's? :idea:
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Are sure its not $30 or are they actually quoting $60 per day. With the exchange rate being 2.20 at the moment $30 would sound more like the rental, which works out just under £15 per day.

Enterprise car rental are around the $300 mark per week (£19 per day approx)
Seems like £30 a day is the best deal, I got a quote from Alamo £1500 for the three weeks rental. Enterprise want £60 a day all rental companies are either sold out of minivans or are charging the earth for rental.

Thanks UltimoScorpion for your help.
Has anyone driven over from Vancouver to Seattle in a Car Rental are there any documents for the car that I will need to cross the border as the car aint mine. Do car rental firms charge anything for going to america from canada?
Hi, we drove vancouver to toronto last year, but crossed the border several times along the way... there are check points, but no real interest is shown to the car. No extra cost for paperwork. Should be just part of the standard agreement that allows you to drive the vehicle in the Canda and the US.
Thanks charlie71
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