£70 Parking ticket for parking accross the bay line

Found 8th Oct 2008
parked in tesco today for 20 minutes and there wasnt much parking so all the way at the back there were to spaces but the two spaces were wedged between a big van who was parked on the line and a big metal beam on the other side so i parked in the middle, any other way and i would not have been able to open my doors, i come back and find a ticket for £70! its from euro car parks i mean tesco have like 500 spaces or something i cant email them for an appeal it has to be hand written, if i appeal am i likey to get this overturned, seems outragous.
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and to think sloughs tesco is the biggest :x
Wow, they have started giving out tickets for bad parking? I hope it helps 'cos some people take the P!
Sometimes though like you say you can't help it if someone else has parked poorly. Do they have a sign up clearly stating that this is a rule?
tescos will try to ignore it and say its down to euro, this is bull. euro act as agents for tesco. the ultimate decision is tescos.
i had one from them before claiming i'd parked for 6 hours (i hadn't) but their systems are rubbish and can't distinguish between someone leaving and returning a few hours later if lunch happens in-between. my brother used to work for euro and told me how their systems work. i complained to tesco head office and got nowhere. so i went into store and confronted the manager and gave him the choice of cancelling the ticket or losing me as a customer. he cancelled the ticket there and then
go into the store & "chat" with the manager ....... they can get euro to overturn if you were instore spending money
I saved a mate a ticket after spotting him parking in town across the line slightly, he didn't believe me luckily the parking attendant was there to back my claim. He promptly corrected his bad parking. Though to original poster isn't it reduced if you pay promptly? £70 is steep, if there is a long time limit and no chance of it going up if you try to counter it, go for it.

I remember getting a parking ticket in Bournemouth, I claimed it wasn't properly sign posted they promptly said no I shouldn't have been there. One week later they put up a new sign post right in front of this posh bar where I had parked, this was 3 years ago went back recently and the sign had now been removed. Very odd.
its £50 if i pay with 14 days, but the appeal takes 3-4 weeks to process, ill go in tesco tommorow and see if i can speak to the manager, theres no signs or nothing, i think tesco have contracted euro very recently as there was no one there before.
I can never understand why anyone would shop in Slough Tesco. That has to be the world's worst excuse for a car park. :x
Nah mate they were always there since the beginning
Elaborating on my previous post.

DO NOT CONTACT THEM. Wait for them to contact you, as they have to pay the DVLA to buy your details.

They will send about 5 or 6 letters, each one becoming more and more threatening, include court threats, and letters from "debt collection agency" which is usally from the same desk!

They will go away after that, they haven't got a leg to stand on if they went to court. 99% of cases don't get there. The one's that have, the parking company have lost when the defendants shows that they are unenforceable penalties.

They will try and scare you into paying, DON'T DO IT, this is what they rely on, people getting scared and coughing up!
As peodude says, do go to Pepipoo - my mate, who had a parking ticket, just got let off because someone on Pepipoo know the law and can tell you as it stands and if you have a chance or not at not having to pay..go for it! :thinking:
I am not disputing the advice from peodude - sometimes it can be fun and great satisfaction to take these b*st**ds on!
But if you want a peaceful life, do as suggested earlier and try resolving amicably with the manager first.
Better that than a whole lot of aggro from the parking gestapo as they try to get your cash! :thumbsup:
Did you get a photo of how everything was parked - this might help when you 'chat' to the manager...

I can never understand why anyone would shop in Slough Tesco. That has to … I can never understand why anyone would shop in Slough Tesco. That has to be the world's worst excuse for a car park. :x

you should have seen the tesco merthyr car park before they finished its refit
You might have a justified reason but I am sure that policy was put in 'casue there are loadsa people who regularly park in disabled bays, two parking bays etc. and don't care about anyone else. I am always amazed how many fit and strong athletes and builders there are getting in/out of cars of disabled bays.


I had a similar ticket (PCN) from a B&Q car-park.Just ignore it and eventually they will give up.It took me several months but saved myself about £340 in the end.:thumbsup:
next time this happens, take apicture with your phone of the situation, when you park.

i know this is **** use to you now.
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