7:04 am

    Not sure if I should sleep a bit as I'll leave around 9:30. Don't feel like it anyway so I guess that's a no for myself.

    I'm also listening to get American country music. I love it.


    hmmm this is good stuff spasho

    i have taken a screen shot of this thread and saved it to multiple drives for redundancy
    i dont want to lose record of such a momentous occasion after all

    i have also logged an entry in my diary so i can look back fondly at will
    thank you good sir

    May I recommend the sleep?


    May I recommend the sleep?

    Too late it's gone 9:30. He has now left. But if we are unlucky he might return! X)

    I was in the same predicament last night, had 2 and a half hours till my alarm went off, decided it'd be better to get a bit of sleep...

    Woke up in what I presume was REM sleep, it was like a dream, only faster, the only way I can describe it was it was like the "data bursts" they used to have at the end of 90s kids TV programmes (Bad Influence?) X)

    Probably not good for my health, but if anything I feel strangely more alert today.

    Be careful OP there is a strong link between American Country music and suicide rates.

    You never sleep!
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