7.1 surround sound headset XB1

    I bought hyper x cloud 2, I was extremely impressed with the reviews but I have found out today that 7.1 surround sound is only supported on PC and Mac!! I've heard that you can get a mix amp to get surround sound to work on it? Is this true? What's the cheapest mix amp that would work as I've already spent £75 on my headset which didn't say anything about surround sound not working on xbox. Or is there a headset around the similar price that will work? I would prefer a wired headset that goes into the TV as they seem to be louder.


    Looking it up it appears to be a standard stereo headset with a USB soundcard included to do virtual surround sound. The Xbox One surprisingly doesn't support standard USB Audio devices.

    The MixAmp you mentioned does seem to be a replacement standalone device that uses the compressed surround sound from the S/PDIF output to generate a stereo signal with virtual surround sound.

    Bear in mind that virtual surround sound does have it's downsides though, it muddies the sound slightly and it's effectiveness is very game dependant. It's certainly not something you automatically want to have, or use for every game.
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    Generally almost all headphones that don't cost a bomb do virtual surround which doesn't work as mentioned due to needed to be USB. There's a reason the mix amp is expensive.

    As endless said it's really not worth it half the time. I love my surround sound for music but I think the only game I can honestly say benefits from virtual that I've played is Arms 3 and even then its debatable how much better it is. Main thing is that everything sounds more open. Almost like the sound is leaking out from the headset.

    You have two ears and two speakers. At the end of the day sound is only entering your ears from two cups not 7.
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