£75 off Galaxy Watch Active2 via email from Samsung e.g. 40mm BT version £194

Posted 18th Jun
3488833.jpgI've been sent an email by Samsung with a code for £75 off any active2. Apparently this is for people who purchased the S20 (funny they'd send this as they included an active with the phone!)

Currently the active2 comes with a free duo wireless charging pad - normally for sale around £40.
If you add in a trade in - £25 for "any watch" - then the 40mm comes down to £169. Plus quidco 4.95pc at the moment, so all in all not a bad deal.

I felt bad about not sharing a samsung 250 pounds cashback deal previously so thought I'd alert people who are signed upto samsung via email to check their inboxes!
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S20+ pre order owner here. Not had an email, is it a generic code you could share?
Hi there, I'm not sure it was generic - think likely unique. I have no need for mine. Want me to PM it to you?
Yes please if you wouldn't mind.
I'm still waiting for a code myself after pre-ordering the S20. One going spare would be hugely appreciated and timely with a daughter's birthday coming up.
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