75% off Sky TV for existing customers. Only works when you call the specific number 3 weeks after putting your request to cancel OR Save approx £140 via your SKY remote (scroll down)

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Posted 8th Dec 2013
OPTION 1: If you want 75% off your sky tv, follow these simple steps.

1.Put in a request to cancel your sky ( they may initially offer you 25% off or even 50%, don't listen just proceed with cancelling)
2. You may get calls offering you 50% or less, again stick with cancelling.
3. After 3 weeks call the offer phone number 08442 411 914 OR 08442 410 973(NEW NUMBER- OLD NUMBER NO LONGER ACTIVE) if you do not receive the leaflet offering 75% off. I tried it, and it works.

Please note, some mobile providers charge a premium for 0844XX numbers, if this is the case, download the WEQ4U app, you'll then be charged the local rate.

The app is available on Android & iOS

You can also get multi-room half price. Do not mention this when you take up the 75% offer, call them back after a day or two. But when you do call, say you received it in the post, I tried this and I got it immediately.

Sky advisors chat total crap! They just want to convince you that the price they offer is the best. When you get the initial call of 25% off they wont budge! It's as though they have convinced themselves that is the best you are going to get, don't listen and proceed with cancelling! The 50% off department will be next. why pay so much extra, just wait 3 weeks and get 75% off!! Best of luck! In a way, you wont be left without any sky if you do this on the third week of cancelling. It's about time existing customers got better deals than new!!!
It doesn't cost sky anything to enable the signal to your box, that's why they can do this so cheap as they have been for years.

nexus76 is in his 5th year of doing this!
New number is 08442 411 914- thanks to junglist

Thanks to dazren :
Cancelled and one month later just got a card through today offering 50% off for 12 months (any package) plus 6 months free Sky Go Extra (need to cancel this part as they will charge £5pm after the 6 months are up otherwise). Call 08442 411 192 and give code CL32A. Hope this helps someone
UPDATE 18/07/2015. Many people are having great success when attempting this. Some are also being offered 60% off the full tv package including HD, £100 bill credit and 10 pounds off line rental plus free broadband! It obviously depends who you speak to but it just goes to show that there is plenty of flexibility to get some cracking offers! Best of luck


OPTION 2: Try this to save up to £140 on your SKY

IF you don't want to go down the above route of trying to get through to Customer Services, listening to Green Sleeves on repeat, then to be cut off, try this..

A. Log into your account at sky.comCLICK ME

B. Find the "thinking of leaving sky" page here CLICK ME

C. At the bottom of that page it says "Still looking to cancel?" Click on the SKY TV option underneath

D. If you are eligible for a discount you should be directed to a questionnaire page, it'll then ask you why you want to leave with various options, click ''Worried about cost''

E. If eligible you'll again be re-directed to a page offering you a discount on your sky package, depending on what you have, it'll offer you up to 20% off or if your lucky maybe more....

F. If then happy with the discount, read through the T&Cs carefully, click confirm and it'll then update on page with your new monthly cost/bill.

G. Go to the pub

H. Please note that the above will sign you up to a new contract, if you're not happy for a min 12 months then best avoid!

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