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750mb mobile data is this enough?

Posted 14th Mar 2012
Quite close to ordering an iphone 4s contract now.......but not sure if 750mb is gonna be enough here;s what it'll be used for:

Facebook - daily
Email - daily
Browsing - daily
Odd video on youtube now and then

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I've had an iPhone for the last 4 years. Always had 500mb of data per month and I've never gone over that. I am quite a heavy user, browsing Facebook multiple times a day, random websites, checking emails and using YouTube to entertain myself and colleagues. Get 500mb.
I'd probably say not, really depends on the amount of browsing you do each day and amount of videos
I think so....I have 500mb a month and use facebook, email, browsing and other stuff alot and I never have gone over my allowance
thanks guys
You can always change it to more if needed, give it a try for a few months and if you keep going over just upgrade for a few extra quid.
You should be fine. Just remember to download/update any new apps when using wifi to save your data allowance.
As above - iphone 4S user - daily use of the usual suspect sites, emails etc... never got close to 500mb of data usage.
thank you all for reassuring me haha

What provider are you going with? Voda? O2? etc..
Make sure your Wifi is added to your iphone when your at home or you'll use well over that 750mb

You'll never go over 750 if that's all you do imo.

Videos are the killers, wifi those and bob's your brother.
I was on 1.6GB last month, I watched a few videos, browsing and Facebook.
t-mobile, i've gone and ordered it anyways.

The guy from management said this

"internet is unlimited surfing 750mb download no run on rates"

750 meg to download when you go over it you can only browse etc
i did a bit of tethering and went over 3gb this month
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