75Hz vs 144Hz

Posted 1st Sep 2020
Hi all. Is it worth to pay extra to get 144Hz monitor? Will I actually see a difference between 75 and 144? I'm casual gamer, mainly playing titles like Tomb Raider, Forza etc. I have Ryzen 5 2600x and Radeon 5700xt. Thanks
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Yes it’s worth the extra. There is a big difference. Think of it as future proofing if nothing else.
If you don't play eSports games (online shooters etc.), then you are better off getting a 1440p monitor for the games you have mentioned. They suit a better resolution, over a better FPS
I don't know what resolution you're after but having spent the money on a beefy graphics card like that it'd be silly to go for a low resolution and low refresh rate monitor.

Generally a higher frame rate (which a high refresh rate is required to display) will result in motion being smoother - looking more like real life and less like a video.
I really don't know what to choose. 1440p 75Hz (better graphic) or 1080p 144 Hz (smoother movement).
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You will see the difference just by moving the mouse.
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Pretty sure the sensible option is to just get a 1440p monitor that is capable of 120Hz+. Graphics cards can be swapped out easily, and thus your system can be capable of much more, but try increasing the refresh rate, size, or anything else on your monitor without selling it and buying a new one. A good monitor will last you way longer than the PC it is attached to.
Variable framerate aka freesync or similar will make a bigger difference. I'd rather have 75hz with freesync than a 144hz without.
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