£77 laptop scam or no scam ?

    I was justing looking at a post in the deals forum about this laptop from Medison in Sweden, and started to look for evidence that it is a scam.

    Then I saw this on cnet posted last Thursday, so lets wait and see....…htm

    Medison made a statement to cnet and claim to be holding a press conference in Sweden soon......


    The deal thread has been moved for now. Thanks for the info from CNet.

    well if they start selling that i wouldnt mind buying one. i dont think its a scam though just a cheap laptop. but it kind of is too good to be true.

    It looks very suspicious to me. Read the comments in the cnet article not just the article itself.

    I'll believe it when I see it. Until then I don't think it should be listed as a deal.

    It will almost certainly not be available for £77 - a 14" TFT (laptop) screen costs substantially more than that on its own...

    Even at mass purchase prices the CPU would be at least £20, the hard drive at least £20 and the ram at least £5 - the OLPC is being built by the million and doesn't contain anywhere near as large a screen, has a far smaller (and hence cheaper) CPU, no hard drive and its is costing around $180...



    It looks very suspicious to me. Read the comments in the cnet article not … It looks very suspicious to me. Read the comments in the cnet article not just the article itself.I'll believe it when I see it. Until then I don't think it should be listed as a deal.

    Yup I read them too- some guy called Rory even said "I've got mine and I've installed Vista.." :giggle:

    Original Poster

    Yes I do tend to agree that it looks to good to be true.

    However if it does prove to be a scam then the scammers are working very hard to build up the positive spin on this.

    Also they must have build up a good relationship with who are the payment handlers.

    See this blog on zdnet…789

    also 2co's comments here…s=4

    There is also a Yahoo group opened about this as well…ty/

    Lets wait and see

    I will not be ordering BTW, but if this does turn out to be true, I don't see how they can produce even the most basic laptop for $150..

    Original Poster

    On the downside, the registered address of is in Gravesend Kent

    Any members want to check out what looks like a private address based on the google earth image

    the address is here…tml

    under contact

    Hmm, so they create massive publicity offering a laptop at $150 which will be delivered in 3 months, or money back. A laptop of said specifications would realistically cost at very least $300 (probably more...). Don't really see what is stopping them taking 100,000 orders ($15 million), earning interest on it for 3 months (say at least $200k) then shipping a few hundred and cancelling the rest...

    Edit - lol! :-D Just visited the website, if anyone seriously expects to get a £77 laptop they are having a laugh. Looks like it has been thrown together in a couple of hours by a kid - check out the Sao Paulo offices!

    Seeing as they aren't including a Microsoft OS, Its possible but very unlikely!

    Not really, its less than a £40 saving...

    Website is far too shabby for a such a company, all the stated subcompanies seem very vague also. Website is also very insecure....…tml

    Web design by Madison, must be popular... :giggle:…tml

    taken from their website:

    Start-upsEvery time we have a great and commercial idea we either start … Start-upsEvery time we have a great and commercial idea we either start up a new company or help someone else get going with the concept.

    That website is rubbish!, If they can't afford to do a site properly, What would one of them laptops be like......................

    The name Medison looks similar to Medion. Coincidence?

    I would expect it to be a low spec piece of garbage at that price. I can imagine it now ...

    Celeron 1.6gHz
    80gb HDD
    256 ram
    no OS (possibly a lean running linux distro)

    I can also see dead pixels on the horizon, as well as countless hardware problems. It would be a better buy to just pay some money and get a laptop that can play the most basic of games.
    Laptops can come as cheap at £199 now, for something that is at least functional at a basic level. If you can't afford £199, then it might be worth just waiting until you can than buying a piece of junk. Or buy a second hand machine.
    The $100 laptop isn't so far away though, with hardware prices and memory as cheap as they are right now.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they made a few from old stock, But it won't be a mass thing I bet.

    I think its possible i mean the specs they are talking arent exactly amazing.

    If it was a bigger company i would probably believe it... but with that shady website? its just not happening.

    Scam, blatant scam, not worth wasting time on.

    Its honestly not possible. The OLPC has budgetted for making 50million+ devices and they are still going to work out at $177. This is using far cheaper processor, screen technology, motherboard and case. There are base line prices for almost all components; for example, a laptop hardrive can be 40gb or 200gb yet both contain nearly identical components. There is simply no way any company could afford to create and distribute new Celeron laptops (with DDR ram, TFT display, trackpad and battery) for under £150, let alone half that price - maybe in a couple of years time, but certainly not before.

    Looks to me like its a scam that a website picked up and the news spread quicker than the realisation that its a scam did....

    According to the Web site, it's called the Medison Celebrity, and it consists of a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron CPU, 256MB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, all wrapped up in a 14-inch widescreen chassis.

    Ahh, I wasn't far out LOL
    I never understood myself why an 80gb drive is quarter the price of a 320gb drive when it is still a hard drive made of the same bits? You don't pay for the item though, you pay for the functionality. But an 80 and a 320 basically cost the same to produce, the premium is just the manufacturer creaming off the top for the new technology :-(
    In other words, a rip off.

    Its usually isn't - take sata 3.5" drives from ebuyer for example, an 80gb is £24 and a 320gb is £48 so its twice the price for four times capacity.

    Generally you pay a base line of around £15 for the shell + controller, so 40gb hard drives are around £20, 80gb £25, 160gb £36 and 320gb £48...
    However, a 320gb drive will likely have more drive platters (a significant cost) and cache memory than an 80gb, and will possibly use newer (more expensive) technologies such as perpendicular recording and higher density platters. Also you will always pay a premium for the newest technology (the largest capacity drives) but then as these are replaced all the prices drop accordingly.
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