7mths pregnant and dry breasts with small brown dry scabby small patches - TMI ? ( men this not apply to you! )

Posted 2nd Aug 2009
Going ask Midwife about it next wk but just wondering if anyone else has had it,my right one as it mostly around the nipple area,think they been a bit leaky from time to time,specially right one,left one ok really.

Just wondering if anyone else has had it and what did you use,going ask M/W for recommendations next week but say she/he gives me a few options,wondering whats best.

A lot of the nipple creams I've seen are talking about use during breastfeeding so I would presume they should be ok to use in pregnancy too.
It's not sore or itchy but noticed it more last few days and need to sort it before I do have baby cos could cause bother feeding.
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