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8 cans FREE today only at One Stop (possibly 16 with dual apps)

Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Checkout Smart feeling very festive today. 4 cans of strongbow and 4 cans of Amstel for free when claiming your cashback. Can get 16 cans of you have 2 accounts and even make £1.38 on the strongbow as they're on 8 for £9 with One Stop
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Was then about to post this! Beat me to it(lol)
Just spotted this myself. The Strongbow offer was only half price earlier today, must have had a change of hearts!
Got my 16 cans this morning. Great deal. Running out of cupboards lol.... Must have 60 cans and 12 bottles of old mout now
Not sure 8 cans of strongbow on 1 receipt will work OP?
I always get excited when I see these offers on the CheckoutSmart app. Then I remember there's no One Stop in my area
Free strongbow yes please
greenyblades22/12/2019 12:15

Not sure 8 cans of strongbow on 1 receipt will work OP?

Did the 8 cans on 1 receipt yesterday and it has cleared on both accounts so should work for you
I don't believe it OH went out first this morning and the Strongbow said half price and now it says free
My nearest store is 2 miles away cba walking
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