8 year old needs help with homework!!!

    An 8 year old friend of mine needs help with his homework. For Book Week he has to make an A-Z list of traditional children's stories. One story for each letter of the alphabet. To start him off the teacher gave him C- Cinderella and E- Elves and the Shoemaker. He has tried really hard but is stuck on F,I,K,O,Q,U,X,Y &Z. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    the poor kid...if he ever finds a traditional kids story beginning with 'X' and not involving a magical xylophone i'll buy him a pint in 10 years time.

    The Ice Maiden (file under i!!!)
    The Ugly Duckling (file under u!)
    The Frog King (u get the gist lol)
    The King of the Golden Mountain
    The Queen Bee
    The Old Man and his Grandson

    The Young Thief and His Mother

    is one of Aesop's fables, traditional, but maybe not well known nowadays.

    Still looking for x and z!!! :?:

    How about Xian Andersen, Hans to fill in for X Obviously not a children's story and not quite the name, but better than a blank for X :P

    Xian by Hans Christian Anderson? I haven't heard of that one before :?

    That confused me hehe

    Hmmm how about 'A Chirstmas [Xmas] Carol' by Charles Dickens??

    Zippy the chimp by Rand Mc Nally??

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks. You are all stars. I wish I'd thought of Xmas Carol :lol:
    Still looking for Z if you can think of something.



    How about Zathura - its the new kids book / film, next one on from Jamanji



    :lol: That was exactly my first thought for Z too!!

    don't think this would be one???

    Zombie Survival Guide or
    Zen Intergalactioc Ninja or
    Zoroastrian Doctrine of a Future Life From Death to the Individual Judgment

    I'm not sure these qualify... Nope. Can't find one.

    rofl @ emma

    Zippy, George and Bungles Day out.

    Zzzzzz how to rock a baby to sleep, classic.

    Zacks days on Save by the Bell.

    Zoom Zoom Zoom an introductution to passionate french driving for kids.


    The Zagic Moundabout (A classic for those people with dyslexia)

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    Perhaps we ought to do our own grown-up A-Z on here :evil:
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