£800 Budget TV?

Found 3rd Jun
Im after advice and recommendations from you TV guru's in here.
Current TV is very old Toshiba Regza 42RV635D and its already been repaired once for power button and standby mode etc.

New TV im after needs to be in below cattegory if possible.
Budget £800.
Size 49-55 INCH.
4K ULTRA HDR (PRO whatever that means).
Full Array Panel.
3 HDMI ports.
High Motion Rate (for watching sports etc)
Avoiding all curved TV's.
Would be ideal if TV had built in Freesat etc as i currently watch Freeview and basic channels through Sky.

The above is a quick requirements its been a while since I last purchased a TV, possibly 2010.

Looking forward to some recommendations.
Thanks to anyone who responds with recommendations.
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Don't know bout the full Array panel, but the Samsung MU7000 55" is highly recommended on here, mine is arriving Thursday from John Lewis.. it's currently £699..
I'm not sure what a Full Array panel is. Fully Array is usually a term applied to the backlight, not the LCD panel.

If you mean a full array local dimming backlight then you'll have to up your budget a little as I believe they start in your size range with the Sony XE90 at £999

It also has a decent colour gamut along with the FALD backlight for HDR, although whether you'd call it 'PRO' I'm not sure. It is the best HDR TV close to budget, those that support more of the HDR range are more expensive.

High motion rate is an impossible to parse requirement, you'll have to either tell us what features you want specifically (BFI etc.) or tell us which values you'd consider high in each manufacturer's motion rating system.

Curved TVs are largely out of fashion now, Samsung still have a couple on sale but nobody else does. As is freesat support unfortunately, although some have satellite tuners without the freesat TV guide.
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